Online Medical Stores in Pakistan

There are dozens of online medical stores which are providing their services to hundreds of customers each day, we were able to find a few online pharmacies that are not scamming.


The main principle of Dawaai is to provide the customers with top-notch integrated pharmacy services. Unlike any other online pharmacy in Pakistan, Dawaai has come up with providing the services of lab tests prescribed by your physician.

You no longer need to travel amidst traffic to reach out to the pharmacy. Just schedule your appointment via WhatsApp or by directly calling at their contact number and you will find their pharmacists right at your doorstep within an hour. When it comes to the delivery charges, if the order amount is equal to or exceeds PKR 2,000, the delivery is free otherwise, the charges per delivery are PKR 200. If you are a resident of Karachi or Lahore and you ordered the medicine by 10:00 am with a proper prescription, you will get the medicines on the same day. Or if you are in any other city, order delivery may take up to 4-8 days.


Sehat is an offshoot of century-long pharmaceuticals company known in the country as the Apothecare (Pvt) Ltd. Having a huge inventory encompassing almost all kinds of medicines. For every city in Pakistan, Sehat offers different rates for medicine delivery. In order to ensure safe and timely delivery.

Sehat has partnered up with major courier services delivering nationwide such as TCS, Leopards courier, Cheetay and M&P Logistics. Once your order is confirmed, you will be informed of the delivery estimate which can be anything between 2-4 hours if within the same city and 3-6 days if it’s to be shipped out of the city. If the products you ordered are temperature-sensitive, Sehat offers no refund. However, if the product is damaged, they will refund it instantly.

Health Online

Health Online is a user-friendly and convenient online pharmacy with a huge variety of medicinal drugs and health equipment. This one, just like its predecessor, is a project of Hameed Latif Hospital. Having its affiliation with several hospitals and clinics.

Health Online is crowned with the title of having the largest medicine procurement start-up. The delivery time varies with respect to the distance and availability of delivery personnel but it doesn’t take more than 2 hours if the recipient is within the same city but 4 days if anywhere else.

Medical Store

Online Medical Store Pakistan is committed to delivering its customers the very best prices on the best brands and original medicines in Pakistan. They are committed to providing the best pharmacy service online. Like Online Medical Store no other online pharmacy in Pakistan can match their level of customer service, and industry-only policies including medicine request for non-available products, free delivery on orders above 3000 and price guarantee.

Online Medical Store is an full service online pharmacy in Pakistan delivering health-care products nationwide. You can place your order on the phone or our intuitive mobile application to get your medicines delivered at your doorsteps.

Final Word

With all these online medical stores, you can take a sigh of relief and easily get your medicines delivered anywhere in Pakistan. Make sure to share the doctor’s prescription with any online store of your choice because it’ll help the pharmacists figure out exactly what you need.

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